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Milestones & Memories of VGA Tour 2022

Despite being the first season to be organized and put into operation methodically, the VGA Tour has achieved many successes with many impressive milestones, pioneering the new era of professional golf in Vietnam.

The VGA Tour was established by the Vietnam Golf Association to promote professional golf development for the future of a country's golf background. If in 2021 this tournament system cannot proceed as planned, then VGA Tour 2022 has proved the attraction and pioneering opening for professional golf in Vietnam.

2022 is the starting year of VGA Tour with 5 professional tournaments including: Lexus Challenge, National Championship - Vinfast Cup, DSE Vietnam Open, Nam A Bank Vietnam Masters and T99 VGA Tour Championship.

Nguyen Anh Minh crowned Lexus Challenge champion

Although it is the opening season, VGA Tour has achieved many successes with many impressive milestones. Let's review the memorable milestones of the VGA Tour 2022 with Vietnam Golf Magazine.

“The King” of VGA Tour 2022: After winning the DSE Vietnam Open championship, Joel Troy held the second trophy of the VGA Tour at the grand final event of the T99 VGA Tour Championship. This event is for the top 30 best golfers from the previous four tournaments. With this victory, Troy was named “The King” of VGA Tour 2022.

For the first time in history, there is a Ladies' Division: This is considered an important milestone of professional golf in Vietnam. Except for the T99 VGA Tour Championship for men only, the rest of the tournaments have open for women. This is also the first time the number of female golfers participating in a professional tournament has surpassed 10.

The first and youngest amateur champion in Vietnamese professional golf history:Nguyen Anh Minh. The 15-year-old golfer set this record twice when he was crowned champion at Lexus Challenge and National Championship - Vinfast Cup.

The champion with the best score in the history of Vietnamese women's golf:Doan Xuan Khue Minh. The achievement of 65 strokes of the 19-year-old female golfer at the National Championship event - Vinfast Cup has made her the champion with the best score in the history of Vietnamese women's golf, even better than the achievements of golfers. Men have won professional tournaments.

The record with the longest leading score difference:In this season, the biggest gap in the final score was set at the National Championship - Vinfast Cup, when Doan Xuan Khue Minh took the throne with the total score of -7, beat Thao My by 13 strokes.

 Nguyễn Anh Minh và Đoàn Xuân Khuê Minh vô địch bảng nam - nữ giải Vô địch quốc gia - Cúp Vinfast

Joel Troy 2 lần lập kỷ lục sân par 72:  golfer người Úc lập kỷ lục sân 18 hố par 72 với thành tích 67 gậy trên sân Vinperl Golf Hải Phòng giải DNSE Vietnam Open. Mốc cũ ở mức 68 gậy do Nguyễn Thế Anh ghi tại chặng về đích Vietnam National Championship. Sau đó Joel Troy tự phá kỷ lục khi về đích ở vòng cuối T99 VGA Tour Championship trên sân Thanh Lanh với thành tích 66 gậy. 

Joel Troy set a record on par 72 golf course twice: Australian golfer set a record of 18 holes - par 72 course with a record of 67 strokes on Vinperl Golf Hai Phong at DNSE Vietnam Open. The old record was set by Nguyen The Anh with 68 strokes on the final round of Vietnam National Championshi. Then Joel Troy broke his own record when he finished in the final round of the T99 VGA Tour Championship at Thanh Lanh Stadium with a record of 66 strokes.

Longest playoff:5 turns, all at the 18th hole par 4 between Park Si Eun and Nguyen Thao My to compete for the Nam A Bank - Vietnam Masters 2022. Park beat Thao My with a birdie after putting the ball close to the hole on the second shot.

The event with the largest field:National Championship - Vinfast Cup with a total of 138 golfers, of which 129 male and 19 female golfers.

Youngest golfer:Nguyen Viet Gia Han, 11, competed at the National Championship - Vinfast Cup and Nam A Bank - Vietnam Masters.

Highest bonus fund:Lexus Challenge with VND1.6 billion.

Joel Troy and the T99 VGA Tour Championship trophy

Golfer earns the most prize money of the season:Joel Troy with a combined bonus of VND790,118,000, of which VND500 million from the grand final championship T99 VGA Tour Championship.

The event with the most amateur golfers in the top 10 (including both men and women):11 amateurs at the National Championship - Vinfast Cup.

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