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Greg Norman being moved into different role on LIV Golf

According to a source from Golf Digest, Majed Al Sorour, Managing Director of LIV Golf and Managing Director of Golf Saudi Arabia, will officially terminate the management role of this system.

Majed Al Sorour, a former adviser to the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia and the Director of Newcastle United Football Club (Premier League), is considered the second most important person at LIV Golf, just behind Yasir Al- Rumayyan President of Aramco and Governor of PIF. Meanwhile, while Greg Norman is still known for leading LIV Golf to the media and the public, Al-Rumayyan and Al Sorour are the two who have the final say on LIV Golf/Golf Saudi affairs. .

From this point on, Norman will officially become Al-Rumayyan's right-hand man, as Al Sorour takes up a new position on the LIV Golf board.

Majed Al Sorour and Greg Norman

Al Sorour's departure continues to be the cause of many upheavals in LIV Golf's leadership. In December, Atul Khosla stepped down as Managing Director of LIV Golf. Against criticism that LIV Golf is nothing more than a "money laundering" organization created to whitewash Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund, Khosla insists the system's goal is to be completely clean. Matt Goodman, President of the LIV Franchise, also left the system shortly after the first season ended.

According to Golf Digest, the position of CEO of Al Sorour may not be replaced. In turn, Sorour's absence means Norman will play a larger role at LIV Golf, despite the White Shark standing in the middle of the storm being unanimously demanded by Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy to step down in order to reduce it. The tension between LIV Golf and “the rest of the World.” However, the LIV Golf superstars still defend Norman and appreciate that he is fighting for their interests, especially in trying to strive to be recognized by OWGR, along with helping them avoid backlash for joining an entity with multiple human rights issues attached.

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