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Lexus Challenge 2023 has the largest prize fund in history

For the first time, a professional golf tournament in Vietnam has reached the award milestone of VND 2 billion. Of which, 1.8 billion VND for the South table alone has exceeded the prize fund of many other professional prizes at home and abroad.

On January 19, the Vietnam Golf Association (VGA) announced the official opening of registration for the professional golf tournament Lexus Challenge 2023. The most challenging and demanding tournament of the Vietnam professional golf tournament system - VGA Tour will return on February 21-24, 2023 at The Bluffs Grand Ho Tram Strip, Vung Tau with the highest prize money ever - 2 billion VND. This is the third year Lexus Vietnam has accompanied the tournament and its efforts to develop Vietnamese professional golf.

Lexus Challenge 2023 will return on February 21-24, 2023 at The Bluffs Grand Ho Tram Strip

In its 3 years of organization, with the pioneering mission to lead the development of Vietnamese professional golf, Lexus Challenge has always been moving to bring new challenges and experiences, bringing tournaments and Vietnamese professional golf more and more. closer to regional and international competition standards. With the spirit of "Move Beyond" and the message of the desire to move not only of a tournament but also of each golfer and of the whole Vietnamese golf background to go beyond the limits, Lexus Challenge 2023 will brought big moves, creating momentum for an impressive VGA Tour season.

For the first time, a professional golf tournament in Vietnam has reached the award milestone of VND 2 billion. In which, only 1.8 billion VND for the Men's group exceeded the prize fund of many other domestic and foreign professional prizes, while the prize fund for the Women's group was also increased to VND 200 million. In the context of the economic recovery after Covid-19, this is a great effort from the Organizing Committee to motivate athletes to become more confident, brave to pursue and "live" with passion.

Nguyen Anh Minh and Nguyen Thao My won the  Lexus Challenge 2022

Continuing efforts for sustainable development for Vietnamese golf and society, Lexus Challenge maintains its commitment to support 100% of the participation fee for amateur golfers under 18 years old to encourage, creating a forging environment for future actors. In addition, the female champion of the Lexus Challenge 2023 will have the opportunity to experience the most prestigious professional golf tournament HSBC Women World's Championship and directly feel the level and international standards of competition.

The President of Lexus Vietnam shared, besides the similar values between golf sport and the Lexus brand in terms of discipline, meticulousness, daring spirit, and pioneering spirit, he also noticed the similarity in the passion for movement between Lexus and the young Vietnamese professional golf industry. On the 10-year journey of moving with Vietnam and transforming into the next chapter of the brand, Lexus Vietnam wishes to witness and contribute to the strong transformation of Vietnamese golf. 

Lexus Challenge Championship Cup

The third year of the organization also marks a new milestone of Lexus Challenge in the journey to conquer Vietnamese territory, connecting 3 regions. After the challenges with the pristine mountains in the Central region and the limestone ridges in the North, athletes will face the southern wind and sand at one of the most beautiful but challenging coastal golf courses in the region and the world - The Bluffs Grand Ho Tram Strip. The dune terrain with different heights, strong winds and constant changes of direction, and majestic ocean views throughout 18 holes promise to bring an unparalleled conquering experience for athletes and the whole world. Vietnamese golf enthusiasts.

Inheriting the "green living" effort of the previous season, Lexus Challenge 2023 continues to commit to not using single-use plastic. Going beyond the nature of a normal sports tournament, Lexus Challenge is ambitious to build an image of responsible competition, always putting community interests and sustainable values at the heart of Vietnamese golf.

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