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Vu Thi Van, FLC Bamboo team crowned at the Vietnam Lady Individual and Group Golf Championship – 2019 TC Motor Cup  

On October 26-27, 2019, Vietnam Golf Association hosted the Vietnam Lady Individual and Group Golf Championship – 2019 TC Motor Cup at FLC Ha Long Bay Golf Club.

Pictured by Quang Thang

Mission to develop the width of women golf


After 7 years of organizing the Vietnam Lady Championship, Vietnam Golf Association (VGA) recognized the importance of women golf and decided to further promote the women's golf movement nationwide. That's the reason for the birth of the Vietnam Lady Individual and Group Golf Championship – 2019 TC Motor Cup.

With the mission to develop the width of the Vietnamese women's golf movement, the tournament focuses on the joy of the players but not achievements. Therefore, FLC Ha Long Bay Golf Club, one of the most beautiful golf courses in Vietnam, was selected as the venue for the event, in combination with the ideal weather in late October.

Share of Ms Nguyen Thi Thu Ha - Deputy General Secretary of Vietnam Golf Association - Head of Organizers:


“This event will surely be a contribution to raise the attention to the lady golf in Vietnam. Mothers and sisters, you will be the inspiration to many young female golfers to start holding clubs, confidently striding on the golf course and who knows, among these golfers, someone will shine in the Vietnam Lady Championship, and beyond, the International Golf Arena.”


Sensational competition


The tournament gathered nearly 100 female golfers at all levels to compete with each other in 2 days at FLC Ha Long Bay Golf Club.


In the individual section, Vu Thi Van excellently maintained the leading position in the first round and defeated Korean golfer An Joong Rok to gain the Best Gross position.

Champion Vu Thi Van

In the Group section, FLC Bamboo had a very impressive comeback in the second round to become the champion with the Net score of 30.

FLC Bamboo teamFinal result:


Gross table
 GoferResult (2 rounds)
1Vu Thi Van5-over 147
2An Joong Rok8-over 150
3Nguyen Thi Van Anh9-over 151


Net table
Table AGolfer
1Pham Thi Minh Trang
2Nguyen Thu Huong
3Dong Thi Nhat
Table B 
1Do Thi Thuy Hien
2Vo Uyen Phuong
3Bui Thi Thu Huong

Table A

Table B


 TeamResult (Net gross)
1FLC Bamboo-30
2Cuc Hoa mi-28
3Phuong Hoang Lua-23

Photos of the Tour:

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