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Vietnam Lady Golf Festival at FLC Ha Long Golf Club  

On 25-26 October, with the cooperation of TC Motor - Hyundai and FLC Group, Vietnam Golf Association will host the Vietnam Lady Individual and Group Golf Championship at FLC Ha Long Bay Golf Club & Luxury Resort.

The tournament is expected to attract 100 female golfers of all levels and ages to play in 2 days in two sections: Individual and Group. The individual section will still be organized in the format of Gross-stroke 36 holes, this promises to be the most noticeable content with the participation of Vietnamese professional female golfers as well as Korean female golfers who are now working and living in Vietnam.

In addition, the Individual section will also be competed in 36 holes based on the NET score, according to Vhandicap system officially applied to Group A from 0 to 19,9 and Group B from 20 and above.

Press conference to announce the tournamentIn the Group section, each team will attend with a minimum of 3 members and a maximum of 4 members to compete for the best NET score of 3 members each day, the team with the highest total NET score after 2 days will be the winning team. (A team of 3 must have at least 1 member in Group A, a team of 4 must have at least 2).

In addition to the main prize categories, golfers are also encouraged to compete in extra prizes such as the best NET score of the day, according to the Handicap on System 36, applied for Group A, B and Phu Quan (for male golfers). Besides, the appealing Hole In One prize system from sponsors will make another attraction for this tournament.

Ms Nguyen Thi Thu Ha - Deputy General Secretary of Vietnam Golf Association - Head of the Organizing CommitteeSpeaking at the announcement ceremony, Ms Nguyen Thi Thu Ha - Deputy General Secretary of Vietnam Golf Association - Head of the Organizing Committee said: “To continue the success of the Vietnam Lady Championship since 2012, this year, we split it into two tournaments. The Vietnam Lady Amateur Open competed in Cam Ranh - Khanh Hoa in July, and the upcoming 25-26 October will be the Vietnam Lady Golf Festival event, the Vietnam Lady Individual and Group Golf Championship - 2019 TC Motor Cup, promising to attract all female golfers in all regions of the country to attend. This event will surely be a contribution to raise the attention to the lady golf in Vietnam. Mothers and sisters, you will be the inspiration to many young female golfers to start holding clubs, confidently striding on the golf course and who knows, among these golfers, someone will shine in the Vietnam Lady Championship, and beyond, the International Golf Arena.”

History of Vietnam Lady Golf Tournament

In 2012, for the first time, the Vietnam Golf Association decided to separate the Female section in the National Championship to make it be a National Lady Championship for Vietnamese female golfers, in order to develop the lady golf movement, as well as promote the sport to the community. At the same time, honouring the beauty of the ladies on the course, this has received great response and support from golfers at home and abroad.

From 2012 to 2017, the Vietnam Lady Championship has continuously maintained two National Championship tables (Gross score), Movement table (Calculating NET score) and Group section, these attracted a lot of female golfers of all levels to participate and contributed greatly to the strong development of the golf movement for women in Vietnam. It is from this playground, the Vietnam National Golf Team found out Nguyen Thao My (Champion of 2014, 2015), Hanako Kawasaki (Champion of 2016,2018), Doan Xuan Khue Minh (Champion of 2017) and a series of young female golfers like Tran Chieu Duong, Ngo Le Hoang Nam Phuong, Joung Sun Mi...

The year 2018 marked a turning point for the female golf movement when, for the first time, the Vietnam Lady Amateur Championship was opened to international amateur golfers to participate and it was also the first time the tournament was counted to WAGR, turning into a high achievement tournament for the female golfer. The Movement section using NET score in 2018 is still maintained but the competitiveness, as well as the extreme environment, have partly affected the wide development of Vietnamese female golf when the number of women who dare to challenge themselves in a playground that has been extended to the regional scale is very limited.

Immediately after the 2018 Vietnam Lady Amateur Open (VLAO), the Directors of the Vietnam Golf Association re-evaluated the 7-year-outstanding-development of the Vietnam Lady Championship and recognized that the mission to expand the women's golf movement has been successfully completed, and it's time to bring the tournament to an international level, with an open playing field for top female golfers. Accordingly, in 2019, VLAO - a top extreme playing field will be held together with the Vietnam Amateur Open (VAO) for male, takes place in the summer vacation of young golfers returning from abroad. The Vietnam Lady Individual and Group Championship will take place in late October 2019, with the ideal weather and continues the mission to develop the female golf movement in Vietnam.

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