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The Hour Glass Opera - A beacon of watchmaking excellence in the heart of Hanoi  

The Hour Glass, one of the world’s leading specialist watch retailers, has unveiled its latest boutique in Hanoi, Vietnam: The Hour Glass Opera.
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The Hour Glass Opera located at 63 Ly Thai To

Located at 63 Ly Thai To, nestled in Hanoi’s prestigious Opera precinct, The Hour Glass Opera is a watch boutique whose interior design reflects an understated elegance and refinement that matches the exceptional craftsmanship of the brands and watches it represents. A significant milestone for watch enthusiasts in Hanoi and Vietnam.

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From its well-preserved French colonial architecture fused with the vibrant culture of Northern Vietnam, Hanoi encapsulates the essence of timelessness and sophistication, making it the ideal location for this unique boutique proposition serving as a second home for watch enthusiasts, a hub of watchmaking expertise and the ultimate destination for aficionados of impeccable craftsmanship and design.

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The Hour Glass Opera features a sophisticated design, combining meticulously preserved French architecture and the vibrant culture of Northern Vietnam.

With a legacy of providing discerning customers a tastefully curated selection of watches, The Hour Glass continues to solidify its role in advancing watch culture. Designed to encourage discourse, enhance watch knowledge and promote a deeper understanding of technical watchmaking, The Hour Glass Opera exemplifies the Group’s dedication to excellence and its mission of redefining specialist watch retailing wherever it is represented.

The Hour Glass Opera harmoniously blends Hanoi's French architectural legacy and Vietnam's abundant artistry. Noteworthy elements include paying homage to Hanoi’s diverse stylistic heritage such as vaulted screens that are embellished with marquetry and intricately designed wood columns handcrafted by Sơn Mài artisans from Hanoia. A bespoke scent blend, skilfully intertwining notes of orange blossom, vetiver and pine, welcomes visitors as they enter the realm of haute horlogerie. Influenced by Vietnamese architectural motifs, the reception area offers a curated bar experience featuring an array of artisanal whiskies from across the globe. Artistic elements abound include a silk embroidery masterpiece "Ky Uc Chi Vien", depicting Vietnam's natural landscapes and painted ceilings evoking the opulence of European royal palaces.

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Individual corners for The Hour Glass Opera’s constellation of brands allow Hublot,Bulgari,Girard-Perregaux,Tudor,Ulysse Nardin,and Zenith to shine

Individual corners for The Hour Glass Opera’s constellation of brands allow Bulgari,Girard-Perregaux,Hublot,Tudor,Ulysse Nardin,and Zenith to shine.It is a space where watches transcend mere timekeeping,becoming expressions of art,beauty and taste.The Hour Glass Opera extends a warm invitation to all watch enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

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