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HNGA meets with the Northern Golf Associations  

On June 3, at Long Bien golf course, the Hanoi Golf Association held a meeting with representatives of golf associations in the northern provinces, announcing the association's plan to organize the biggest tournament of the year - Hanoi Golf Club Open Championship 2022.

Meet and greet the Northern Golf Associations

Participating in the meeting between HNGA and other golf associations, including: representatives of the Vietnam Golf Association (VGA), leaders and members of the HNGA Board of Directors, and the Presidents and CEOs of 8 golf associations, representing for local golf clubs in the North.

This is the first time, HNGA organizes a meeting between the Association and golf associations in the North. The meeting and exchange was easy in an intimate, frank and constructive atmosphere.

Also at today's event, representatives of golf associations introduced activities and preparations to participate in the upcoming big golf festival of the Northern golf village. HNGA has announced the content of the tournament, and introduced the draft Charter of the tournament to the golf associations.

The organizers have listened to and acknowledged suggestions and comments from local golf associations, as well as Hanoi Golf Clubs to soon finalize the official Charter. Information and official rules of the tournament will be announced in the next few days.

The number 1 golf event in Vietnam

The 5th Hanoi Golf Club Open Championship will have the largest scale and stature ever. The event will continue to set a record as the tournament with the largest number of golfers participating in Vietnam, expected to be attended by nearly 1,500 golfers.

This is an annual event, organized by the HNGA, starting in 2017 on the occasion of the capital's Liberation Day (October 10, 1954). Since then, the tournament has become a golf event of great stature, a leading golf festival not only of the Capital but also of the Vietnamese golf community.

The first highlight of this year's big tournament: for the first time, many clubs from the Northern Golf Associations, besides the official member clubs of HNGA.

And also to encourage the development of women's golf, for the first time, the event will have a tournament exclusively for female golfers. Women's golf clubs do not have to compete in qualifying.

The event will officially open with the qualifying rounds, scheduled to be held in July 2022, to select the teams that reach the finals. A total of 36 men's teams, including qualifying teams and special teams, will participate in the finals, which will be held on October 7 and 8, 2022.

Total number of  Golf clubs and golfers attended over the years

  •  2017: 27 Golf clubs, 200 golfers
  •  2018: 34 Golf clubs, 408 golfers
  • 2019: 45 Golf clubs, 544 golfers
  • 2020: 56 Golf clubs, 672 golfers
  • 2021: Postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • 2022: More than 100 Golf clubs, 1500 golfers (expected)

Champions through the seasons

  • 2017: Times City Golf Club
  • 2018: G&L 92-95 Golf Club
  • 2019: Cau Giay KB Golf Club
  • 2020: Cau Giay KB Golf Club
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