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Nicklaus Companiews Chairman: "Royal Golf Course is too unique campared to any golf course in the world!"  

On the occasion of his visit to Royal Golf Course in March 2023, Mr. Paul Stringer, President of Nicklaus Design at Nicklaus Companies in the Asia Pacific region, shared interesting insights on this golf course. Nicklaus Companies is designer of Queen Course, the second course of Royal Golf Course.
The Royal Golf Course is situated in Hoa Lu ancient capital, the land of thousands of years of history, surrounded by natural ranges of rock, combined with natural mountain and lake landscapes, and the green hills and the poetic Yen Thang Lake. 

What is your impression when returning to Royal Golf Course?

Paul Stringer Paul Stringer - Chairman of Nicklaus Companies in the Asia Pacific region

I first came here almost 10 years ago. At that time, 18 holes of King Course were in operation. The second one - Queen Course, at that time, it was hard to imagine what it would look like when completed. But as we walked around the golf course, with its unique rock formations, we realized that it was such a beautiful and different place. We have designed over 435 golf courses all over the world, but none like this one. Royal Golf Course is too unique compared to any golf course we have done, and that’s why we wanted to design this golf course. 

Royal Golf Course is located in The Five Villas & Resort Ninh Binh complex, which is owned by TC Group. In addition to the 54-hole golf course (with 36 holes currently in operation), the resort also includes hotels, villas, restaurants, etc. invested with 5-star quality. 

On this return visit, I was so surprised at the beauty of this place. The golf course has many rock outcroppings, lakes, and water, creating a wonderful landscape. I could admire the beautiful valley panorama, and see beautiful and luxurious villas within the complex. All is fantastic.

What draws golfers to Royal Golf Course?

Royal Golf Course has a unique beauty. The golf course is designed flexibly for players, with diverse terrain creating interesting challenges and the amazing beauty of the Vietnam landscape. I think the place’s beautiful scenery will bring golfers moments of relaxation and emotional shots. In addition, the diverse challenges on the course also create a significant challenge for golfers, but not too difficult for beginners or amateurs to try. All of these factors come together perfectly at Royal Golf Course.

Queen Course which is located in the Royal Golf Course complex designed by Nicklaus Companies and will be opened on May 2023

Do you have any suggestions to to enhance the course’s reputation?

Paul Stringer worked at Royal Golf Club on March 2023. 

In my opinion, Royal Golf Course satisfies all the standards of a world-class golf course and is qualified to organize professional tournaments. Additionally, it also provides spaces for visitors to explore, relax and watch golfers playing. Golf View Villas with their stunning views of the course, are exquisitely crafted with a blend of traditional Vietnamese culture, leaving a lasting impression on me. The restaurants are also gorgeous, offering delicious dishes, especially the Vietnamese cuisine, and professional services. 

The luxurious Golf View Villas offer stunning views overlooking the Queen Course, featuring architecture that exudes the charm of the ancient land. 

Similar to other newly established golf courses, more time is required to improve the Royal Golf Course and establish its reputation as one of the top golf courses in Vietnam. However, the quality of its services and grass has already impressed me. Considering all it has to offer, I am convinced that Royal Golf Course will evolve into an incredible golf course in the future.

Thank you for your sharing!

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