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SEA Games 31: The Vietnamese National Golf team failed in the Team Contest

The Vietnamese men's and women's golf teams both stopped in the quarterfinals of the 31st SEA Games as they could not overcome opponents from Singapore and Malaysia.

In the quarterfinals of the men's team competition, the Vietnamese golf team including Nguyen Anh Minh, Le Khanh Hung and Nguyen Dang Minh faced the Singapore team. That was an even match.\

Le Khanh Hung lost 3&2 to Brandon Han Zhen Guang. (Photo: Thang Nguyen Quang)

Le Khanh Hung is the golfer who played the first match, competing with Brandon Han Zhen Guang. Despite making great efforts to keep up the score, the 14-year-old Vietnamese golfer still received a 3&2 defeat.

Le Khanh Hung's defeat forced Nguyen Anh Minhto win the second match against Hiroshi Tai Hirahara. The competition between the two golfers was a very fierce battle. Nguyen Anh Minh had an excellent performance to beat the opponent with a score of 2&1 and bring the confrontation between Vietnam - Singapore into balance.

Nguyen Anh Minh excellently defeated Hiroshi Tai Hirahara with the score 2&1. (Photo: Thang Nguyen Quang)

The third round is the competition between Nguyen Dang Minh and Ryan Ang John. The Vietnamese player took the lead 2 Up after the first 9 holes. However, in the back-nine, despite his best efforts,  Nguyen Dang Minh still received a defeat with a score of 1 Down.

Nguyen Dang Minh unfortunately lost 1 Down before Ryan Ang. (Photo: Thang Nguyen Quang) 

Losing to Singapore with a score of 1-2, the Vietnamese men's golf team officially ended their journey at the 31st SEA Games.

Doan Xuan Khue Minh lost 5&4 to Mirabel Ting Ern Hui. Photo: (Thang Nguyen Quang) 

In the women's team contest, Doan Xuan Khue Minhand Le Thi Thanh Thuy were also unable to create miracles when competing with golfers from Malaysia. Khue Minh received a 5&4 defeat to Mirabel Ting Ern Hui, while Thanh Thuy lost 4 & 3 to Jeneath Wong.

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