Scoring a winning club (part 1)

May 29, 2017

Finding a club that does the business on the green is a vital ingredient for any golfer to succeed. Lars Holden offers some valuable tips on how to find that winning club. 


How can a golfer know which clubs are most suitable? 

In the past, buying clubs ‘off the rack’ at any golf store was the normal practice for most golfers. However, times have changed and understanding the importance of having the right clubs for each individual has grown in importance. We are all different, so why should we use the same equipment, when all aspects of our body, shape, size, height and more importantly swing are not the same. When buying a set of clubs a golfer should always see a qualified fitter to ensure their clubs match both their body mechanics and swing. Having the correct length, shaft, grip size and lie angle will ensure the golfer has the best chance to have the correct equipment for their game.

What happens if a golfer uses clubs longer than their body?  

Golfers who use overly long clubs will struggle with control. Being able to hit the ball straight is a key to low scoring. However, with clubs that are too long the golfer will find it very difficult to find any type of consistency. Clubs that are too long at times make it possible for players to hit the ball further, however distance is not as important as accuracy.


How about short clubs? 

Golfers using clubs that are too short will have several issues to deal with and may find themselves making poor contact resulting in loss of distance.

In my opinion, I would suggest that a shorter club is better than clubs too long as your control will be more accurate, even though your length maybe shorter.

What is a suitable club set? 

The most suitable set of clubs for all golfers are ones that fit the individual golfer. This considers your height, weight, flexibility, arm length, swing speed and lie angle. If you are fitted correctly these points will be checked and will ensure the clubs you use are the correct ones. Another point to mention relates to the shaft and length of a club. The shaft is the most important part of any club as it needs to be fitted for height, a player’s swing speed, attack angle and strength. If you have the wrong shaft you will struggle to hit the ball correctly. The same can be said for the lie angle. If the lie angle does not fit the golfer, the ball can be sent left and right as the club is not making contact at the correct angle. Shafts come in a wide selection of weights, flex and material, either steel or graphite/carbon fibre.

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