Swinging In The Rain

July 27, 2017

Whilst none of us would like to play golf in the rain, often we don’t have a choice. Wet weather can impact your game in a number of different ways. In this video, Scott Cranfield explains how to approach a rainy day on the course and what you can do to maintain your score in wet weather.


Rain Glove Or No Glove At All

Typical leather golf gloves are not designed for wet weather. If you find yourself on the course during rain, try taking your leather glove off and either using no glove at all, or a rain-glove designed specifically for wet conditions.

Grip Lightly

Whilst it would see wise to grip tighter when it is wet out, you should actually do the opposite. Gripping the club tightly can trap water between your hands and the grip and cause friction or slipping. Concentrate on maintaining a light grip pressure throughout your swing and you’ll find it a little easier.

Club Up

In wet weather, the ball won’t travel as far and will also fly a touch lower. Take that into account when you are selecting what club to use. You will also not be able to produce the same amount of power, so it is wise to club up in the rain.

Swinging In The Rain

When it comes to swinging in the rain, be sure to only swing as hard as you can stay in balance. The rain, wind and wet equipment may limit your balance and speed, so concentrate on staying in balance when you swing and again choose a club based on that swing.

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