How to Lower your Handicap under 30

October 11, 2018

Lowering your handicap is a step by step process. I think the first barrier for most golfers is scoring under 100 or achieving a handicap lower than 30. To break this barrier, I believe you need to do the following-

High Handicapper

HIT THE FAIRWAY- This is critical and what you need to understand it doesn’t mean hitting driver. Using a fairway wood to play from the tee is very sensible if you can’t hit driver well. When you are practicing try the fairway woods to hit tee shots and this could give you the confidence you have been looking for.

DEVELOP A FAIRWAY SHOT- If you can get good at hitting 1 club for long fairway or approach shots this will make scoring much easier. For most people tend to hit the hybrid or rescue well compared to a fairway wood or long iron. If you are one of these people use it and maybe, consider having more than 1 hybrid in your set. Otherwise I would suggest a 7 iron is a good choice from most conditions.


THE SHORT APPROACH- Don’t be greedy play to the easiest or safest part of the green. Too many times I see this type of golfer try to play shots that a PGA Tour player would. Just accept that you can play away from the pin and still have a chance to putt into the hole. Instead of lofting the ball high in the air try running the ball onto the green using a 9iron or something stronger.

RANGE PRACTICE- Devote most of your long game time to the driver, hybrid and pitching wedge. Test yourself by hitting 10 drives into a target area similar to a fairway and keep a record of your accuracy (score out of 10). Also, be aware of your shot shape and try to reproduce the same on the course ie. if you slice play with the slice.

SHORT GAME PRACTICE- Start practicing your targeting skills. This means chip, bunker and pitch to target zones. For a bunker see how many shots out of 10 you can get inside 4 yards. When chipping how many can you chip inside 2 yards from the hole. Long putting from 15 to 20 yards seeing how many out of ten you can get 1 yard from the hole.

Lastly when on course play to our strengths. Don’t try shots you don’t practice. Play a little conservative when you need to and watch your handicap drop.



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