Centering for Consistent Driving

June 4, 2016

Trackman numbers for consistent driving indicate an angle  of approach of plus 2 (angle of approach is the angle the club approaches the ball), swing path from the inside out (plus 4 degrees) and a club face alignment of 2 open (club face looking left of the path).  The Trackman numbers will optimize the launch angle, swing speed and carry distance.  As golfers attempt to improve driving consistency and improvement a mind-set of centering will assist with improved Trackman numbers.


Centering at address.  Ball positioned inside your lead heel.  Hands in a neutral position with both V’s looking towards your trailing shoulder.  Bend from your hips in an athletic posture.  Spine neutral.  Arms hanging from your shoulders.  Your trailing side will be lower due to the grip.  With the spine tilt forward and away from target this spine posture will develop and assist with an upward angle of approach at impact.


The sequence of motion on the backswing is one where the upper body turns as the lower body holds.  The shoulders and arms initiate, followed by the hips and knees.  Your feet will grip the ground and resist the upper body turn.  This coil is a storage of power.  The weight does not shift rather than a wind-up of the body.  A centering on the backswing.


The lower body will initiate the movement of the forward swing.  Lead knee separates from the trailing, hips bump towards the target as the body unturns.  The body turns as the arms and hands swing.  A concept of centering on the down swing.

The body, arms and club is fully released to the following through and finish position.  Body faces the target, knees touch and all of your weight on the forward foot. The concept of centering will provide an upward angle of approach, swing path from the in to out and a club face closed to the path.  The centering concept will assist with improved driving.

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