Phoenix Golf Resort (54 holes)

Phoenix Golf Resort has entire 54 holes as the best world famous and was designed by Mr. Ronald Fream of USA, Korean and Japanese international golf course designers with a characteristic of each country. Blake Handerson of USA, Datzgawa of Japan and the best Korean landscapers put a lot of effort to protect nature and environment so the golf resort has the most beautiful view and boasts itself with that. It is synthesized leisure resort with high quality club house made of Italian internal marble, 5star condohotel(200rooms), villa(120pyeong, 2 buildings with 6 rooms completed), large room and indoor/outdoor youth swimming pool.

Phoenix golf resort was admitted as the most famous by PGA within 1 year after it opens and held the World Masters Vietnam Competition with 142 professional golfers from 27 countries from November 21 to 25, 2007. If you become a member of Phoenix Golf Resort, you can enjoy Phoenix Golf course 54holes and Yanji Hailanlake golf course 36holes which totals 90 holes every season as much as you want as a long-term resident in a price of $900/per person/per month.

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Hoa Binh is 75 km far from center of Ha Noi, is the gateway of economical area between North-West provinces and Red River Delta.

Although Hoa Binh’s geographical characteristics make it difficult to develope infrastructure but the mountainous topography here is really a Godsend in term of tourist attraction. Together with average-high mountains are green valleys; surrounded by primitive forests and streams that offer tourists numbers of tours like adventurous hiking, walking, hunting or hot spring. Hoa Binh will become a major eco-tourism center in the region soon.

Phoenix Golf Resort is located in Yongbong Village (ground configuration of image of dragon and phoenix being seated together) and is 40 km away from Hanoi. Officially opend 36 holes in November 2006, nowadays, with total 54 holes (03 courses). Phoenix Golf Resort is the biggest golf resort in Vietnam and second biggest in Asia.

Phoenix Golf Resort located in the ideal location for stunning Vietnamese mountain countryside and is surrounded by spectacular limestone karst scenery nicknamed the Halong Bay of land.

The 54-hole is divided into 3 18-hole courses: Phoenix, Dragon and Championship. The Championship where 1st Masters Pro Championship was held is a links-style golf course, while the other two perform in a more dramatic scenic mountain design. The 3 courses all creates use of serious fairway and natural undulations as well as brilliant redirecting through and around the unique-looking limestone cliffs.  With a choice of 5 different tee positions, the course is appealing to all levels.

Three different 18-hole courses are designed by international professionals.

Phoenix course was planned by golf course architect Ronald W. Fream (Golf Plan, USA) who has been providing golf course design and architectural services for 30 years in more than 75 countries and constructed by two shapers Calvin Sylva(USA) and Ron Leck who is one of the able pupils of Jack Nicklaus.

Dragon course was developed by Lee Dae-bong who is recognized as the best talented golf course shaper in Japan with experiences over 20 Asian reputed golf courses.

Champion Course was constructed by Korea’s best course architect Lee Hee-cheol who has designed many renowned golf courses in Korea.

Designers of this giant course put a lot of effort to protect nature and environment so the golf resort has the majestic view and boasts itself as “one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world”.

Set among the dramatic countryside and karst formations of the area, this golf resort has its amenities a driving range; a large European-designed club house; a five-star condominium-hotel with 200 rooms; a large restaurant; conference facilities and an indoor/outdoor swimming pool. Although it only takes 1 hour drive from Hanoi, Phoenix Golf Resort will make you feel as if you’re a totally different world.

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Phoenix Golf Resort:
(‘Halong Bay on Land’, largest golf facility in Vietnam)

Phoenix Golf Resort is located 40 kilometers north of Hanoi in an area referred to as ‘Halong Bay on Land’.  The view from the course and clubhouse is spectacular as the limestone outcroppings which frame and come into play on many of the holes resemble those most people only expect to see in the famous Halong Bay.
The 54 hole Phoenix Golf Resort is the largest pure-play golf facility in Vietnam and second largest in Asia, only after Mission Hills China.

Designed by Ronald Fream, each of the three courses at Phoenix makes use of severe fairway and green undulations as well as clever routing through and around the unique-looking limestone cliffs. Additional Japanese and Korean design inputs ensure that the surrounding environment is both well protected and stunning at the same time.

The three courses are named Phoenix, Dragon, and Master. The Master is a links-style open course, while the other two play in a more mountainous fashion. You may like to try the Phoenix course, but be sure not to miss a single hole on the most spectacular and best – the Dragon course.

The front-nine may well leave you speechless; such is its dramatic splendor and intensity. You can recover your breath on the inward-nine, where the layout gradually brings you back towards the clubhouse to a closing stretch that also contains many beautifully crafted, testing and immaculately presented holes. The long par-4 18th, with a deep watery ravine protecting the front left of the green, is as tough a closing hole as they come.

The huge European-styled clubhouse is on site with the intent to offer every modern convenience to those Hanoi golfers making their way to Phoenix Golf Resort. Unfortunately, despite the use of imported materials the facilities fall short due to lack of maintenance, poor staff service, and a general feeling of incompleteness.  Therefore, it is recommended to golf and get back to Hanoi before enjoying any after-round relaxation, food, or entertainment.

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