BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort (18 Holes)

Legend Hill Golf Resort is the first golf course in Vietnam designed by Nicklaus Design (US) founded by the legendary golfer – Jack Nicklaus, winner of 18 major championships and nearly 300 golf courses worldwide. Nicklaus Design golf courses have hosted more than 600 professional tournaments, including one of the US PGA Tour’s Flagship events “The Memorial”.

The amazing beauty of the mountainous area of Soc Son and the investor’s innovative philosophy to produce a golf course designed with the concept of “twin greens” has been a source of inspiration and challenge for the Nicklaus Design team. Golfers will, for the first time ever, have the unique experience of playing an 18-hole golf course with 36 greens complexes offering the most variation of course set up of any in Vietnam.

Legend Hill Golf Resort surrounds a luxurious complex of villas and low-rise buildings arranged in groups, the shape and structure solution of which are compatible to the contour line of mountain slopes and lakeside curves. In combination with the system of yards, garden, trees, waterfront, which are all in harmony with the natural landscape. The golf course and resort are landscaped with Royal Palms, Wild Palms, Island Date Palms, Scholaris, Narium Oleander and other varieties. Both the golf course and the ancillary area are harmonious with the nature.

This is a freshly minted (opened for just a few months) Jack Nicklaus design. Someone suggested that this would typically mean trouble lurking on the right; apparently the Golden Bear has a penchant for punishing slices and fades. Well, maybe this is partially true but a recurring theme here seems to be a water hazard on the left with a generous bail-out area to the right.

Getting far down the fairway on Legend Hill’s numerous left biased doglegs is a matter of deciding how much of the hazard one dares to drive over to reach the opposite shore. A fade or a slice, especially, would result in lost distance but more importantly, the ball would come down on terra firma to the right.

Aiming too far left, ‘over-drawing’ or hooking a tee-shot on the other hand (in the context of a right-handed player) would have the ball end up talking to the fishes. There were also holes with water on the right but it seemed to me that the dogleg left over water occurred a little more often.

There is a par five that turns left and completely back on itself, resembling the letter ‘U’. With a favourable wind the truly heroic might even fancy having a go at the green in one. It reminds me of the infamous fourth hole at Monterez GCC before the nets sprang up to foil the long drive brigade. This one at Legend Hill has just a pretty lake between the tee and green – far more inviting. Not to mention being a lot safer as one can easily make visual confirmation that the green is clear.

The par three 9th is Legend Hill’s signature hole. The island green has a couple of gentle tiers sloping from back to front and small bunkers fore and aft. It sits in full view of the modern clubhouse. Designed like a cosy alpine ski lodge only with a less steeply pitched roof. You hit off real grass at the driving range and the balls were NXT Tour’s. No rock hard range ball rejects here. This is a quality golf course. Buggies are allowed on the fairways.

But come spring and going by the high levels of maintenance and attention to detail already evident there should be no reason why Legend Hill can’t become a great course in the near future.

By Loo Keng Yip – Editor in Chief

Par Golf Malaysia Magazine


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