Amateur Status

November 17, 2016

Lars Holden casts his expert eye over the rich and varied landscape of amateur golf, where playing for the love of the game is king. AMATEUR STATUS “Amateur Status” refers to golfers playing the game of golf for enjoyment. Golfers under amateur status rules do not play the game for financial gain, do not teach … Read more

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Slow lane

October 24, 2016

Far too often a round of golf in Vietnam evolves into a snail’s paced journey to the final hole. Lars Holden casts his expert eye at the situation and says it’s time for everyone to kick up a gear. Reasons There are several reasons for slow play on golf courses. Poor etiquette and minimal knowledge of … Read more

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Some advice for “newbie”

September 1, 2016

New golfers who have taken up the game need to develop a strong understanding of the Rules of Golf  and more importantly understand what is expected in relation to the Etiquette of the game. Golf expert Lars Holden shares  some key points new golfers need to understand. •     At the Tee Box When … Read more

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Golf Tournament Referees

August 17, 2016

Golf expert Lars Holden shares his opinion about the roles of golf tournament referees in Vietnam and general. The role of golf referee The job of a golf tournament referee is to ensure that the players competing follow the rules of golf and to ensure that the game is played in the correct manner. Referees … Read more

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How should scorecard be written

June 14, 2016

While keeping score sounds easy, disinformation has led to confusion among the Vietnamese golf community. Golf pro Lars Holden clears up exactly how to keep your scorecard on the level. What a golfer can learn from a scorecard?   A scorecard is simply a place to maintain records of the shots taken on each hole. … Read more

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