Time to play for money

June 13, 2017

Does Vietnam’s golf scene have what it takes to get a local professional golf tour off the ground? Robert Bicknell looks for an answer. If you’ve been following some of the Facebook posts from local golfers, you will see quite a few different issues being kicked around. There are posts about golf rules, annual dues, … Read more

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A sign of the times…

May 6, 2017

A hole-in-one (ace) is truly the luckiest shot in golf and not much more than that. So why do people expect prizes in yet another case of wanting more for less? You can hit a great shot right at the hole and see it refuse to drop. Or you can shank a shot, bounce it … Read more

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Golfer & Caddie

April 13, 2017

To fully understand the sometimes fractious relationship between golfer and caddie, one needs to first understand there are always two sides to a coin. Recently, there have been numerous complaints from a certain segment of players in Vietnam about the cost of caddies and the benefits a player receives. I’ll be upfront about my position … Read more

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Handicap odds

March 11, 2017

While some still back the handicap system, the best defense against cheaters is noncheaters ready to blow the whistle. Okay, this column will undoubtedly piss some people off big time. I also don’t like to blow my own horn in columns, but this time I must. People who have played golf in Vietnam in 1998 … Read more

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Da Nang – The Promised Land

February 9, 2017

With warm weather, great golf courses and beaches, Danang is fast becoming Vietnam’s golf tourist destination mecca for all the right reasons. If you ask people what they want in a vacation most will reply: “Warm weather, great golf courses and beaches”. This is why people in the US usually head to Florida, California and … Read more

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