Tet on the green

February 8, 2018

No matter where you decide, there are many excellent options for a golf getaway here in Vietnam.  This will be my 26th Tet Lunar New Year in Vietnam and I must say that times have really changed since my first one in 1992. Okay, outside of feeling a lot older, I also feel a bit … Read more

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Is golf booming or going bust in Vietnam?

October 10, 2017

Robert Bicknell puts Vietnam’s golf industry under the microscope and asks some hard questions.  When is enough too much? If you believe what you read, golf is dying in most parts of the world. Pundits like to point blame at millennials, who have basically turned the retail sales world upside down by shunning physical establishments … Read more

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The Pioneer

September 6, 2017

Well, it took a lot longer than I thought it would – 15 years longer to be exact. But, Vietnam finally has a local professional golf tour to call its own.  I have been harping on about the need for Vietnam to have professionally-managed Junior Golf programs as well as a professional tour since fire … Read more

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You play the way you are

August 7, 2017

They say “You are what you eat”, but some people are also claiming “You are what you speak” as well. There is obviously some truth to this, but we also must remember that many people put up a false front. Everyone wears a mask from time to time, while some people never take it off except in the … Read more

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