Real & Fake

October 20, 2017

As the game of golf grows in vietnam, so does the scope for unscrupulous parties who infuse fake products into the local market.

HÌnh chính



As Vietnam develops as a golfng destination, so does the opportunity for fake products to make their way into the market. Generally fake products are easy to spot, as the manufacturing will be poor quality, shafts and grips on clubs will have no brand marking and the weight will be much lighter or heavier than the real thing. In Vietnam, most reputable golf shops only sell real products as they work closely with brands and their distributors and understand that selling fakes will result in bad business. Furthermore, fake products are usually sold at much cheaper prices, so if the deal seems too good to be true you should check with your local retail shop to ensure the product is real.



Fake products can be found through product ranges of all the major brands. However, we  see more fake products in Vietnam in goods such as apparel, accessories and golf bags. In countries such as China, it is very easy to fnd fake golf clubs. Generally, these clubs break easily after only a few rounds and are generally very poorly weighted causing a golfer to play very bad shots. Golfers who buy fake apparel will also fnd the stitching frays easily, items will lose their shape and on some occasions cause reactions to their skin due to the poor quality of material used.


Fake products are a major problem for all major golf brands in the world. The major golf brands have joined forces and resources to combat fake products by launching raids on companies manufacturing and selling fake products, which result in fnes and prison for those found guilty. For golfers using fake products, the performance will always be poor. Leading golf manufactures spend millions of dollars on research and development to ensure the best performance and feel for the player. If you are using fake products, you are only cheating yourself and will fnd little to no beneft for your game.



Another area where golf consumers need to be careful is with online sellers. Very often these products are out of date, have been illegally imported and of course cannot carry any manufacturer’s warranty or after sales support. In Vietnam, there is no legitimate exclusive online channel supported by golf brands. It is always best to look for a valid import sticker on any product and only purchase from reliable retailers who work closely with golf brands. They have been trained on products and can offer the best advice and support for purchasing the right product.


The most important thing to slow the sale of fake products is for the market police and relative Government agencies to work with golf brand manufactures to stop the sale of fake products. Fake product suppliers do not pay tax and are committing a crime – they should be punished accordingly. It’s also important that the consumer understands that buying fake products results in poor performance. Very importantly, there is no manufacturer’s guarantee when buying fake products, whereas with real products manufacturer’s warranties apply to protect the consumer.


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