Managing your game ( Part 2)

April 14, 2016

If we consider a single 18 holes of golf, we all would love to have our best score when we step on the first tee. And that low score is our goal at the end of this game. It is fair to say that golfers consider a game of golf as 2 nine hole rounds that we add together to reach our final score. This is our mid term goal. Now our short term goals are to make the best scores we can each hole.
Sounds simple and it is, however we need to look at the things that will allow us to achieve short, mid and long term goals. 
When planning in the business world many factors need to be considered and at times strategies need to be adjusted. A SWOT of your golf game is required. That means considering your STRENGTHS, your WEAKNESSES, your OPPORTUNITIES and THREATS.
I would start by analysing say five rounds of golf. I will record statistics that will be useful in developing a plan to achieve my best score. Record the following- % of fairways hit from the tee, number of greens hit in regulation, number of putts each hole and overall, number of chips and green side bunkers each hole and overall, number of penalties and your average scores for the par 3's, par 4's and par 5's. After five games work out your averages and look at what you believe your strengths and weaknesses are. From here this is what to do.
Play to your strengths. That is play shots that you are good at. If you slice the ball play that shape all the time. If that shape doesn't fit the shape of the hole then play a fairway or a hybrid club from the tee. Try to give yourself distances to the green that you feel comfortable with. That is if you are good from 150 yards but no good from inside 100 yards, leave yourself your comfortable distance and club. If you are not good at playing from sand then use clubs that won't get you into the sand. Play your game and manage your handicap. 
Develop your weaknesses. Work on your weaknesses at the range. We all have weaknesses but some of us are better at not putting ourselves under pressure to play from situations where we have a weakness. 
Seeing an opportunity. If you feel you have your comfortable distance and a club you are confident hitting as well as a pin you believe you can attack without much risk then go for it. Always consider a possible outcome before playing any shot so you are aware of what can go wrong.
Threats are all around us. Weather, course conditions, hazards etc can all derail our game. Managing your game and your business is all about minimising your risks. Threats are always there and a game of golf is never perfect. If we can reduce the threats that conspire to us having a bad game we will reduce our scores and handicap. Of course we always need to keep working on our skills and this leads to better scores. I would say to you that planning and being prepared are the keys.
Play smart, develop your skills, adjust your strategy if need be and analyse and understand your game.
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